Hello 2013!

Hi Everyone!

Well, what a great (almost) year we’ve had at Chordblossom. Starting life in February as a one-man show, we now have over 30 people involved with the team - all creative, enthusiastic and committed to the cause. I feel sincerely lucky to have found so many brilliant people to help push things forward, and let it be known… this is certainly a team effort.

Although we haven’t had our website online for the last little while, this will change in 2013. Taking our HTML-Based website offline in order to convert it to a Wordpress CMS was a necessary evil in order for us to maximize our content output going forward in 2013. There isn’t anything majorly different with the redesign, but it does have all those important changes in the backend that will allow us to be as efficient with our time as possible.

We attended some amazing shows and festivals this year, interviewed brilliant and interesting bands, been inundated with fantastic music filling up our inboxes, started great relationships with PR and Media alike and generally have been incredibly embraced by everyone - and we appreciate it. I know that every venture says this, but we really are just getting started. Our collective idea whiteboard is completely scribbled with upcoming expansions that we’ll slowly be introducing in the new year.

Something we have been working hard on behind the scenes is our upcoming monthly CHORDBLOSSOM CLUBNIGHT. We have been overwhelmed at the amount of amazing local venues who have offered to accommodate our idea, but we have now settled on one amazing venue to launch with in the new year. We are still unsure of our exact first date, but it’ll likely be within the first two months of the year - we’ll keep you all totally in the loop! Our monthly clubnights will be open to all; Established and New Bands - and if your band would be interested in playing one of our nights, please send a link to your soundcloud to Info@chordblossom.com with the subject ‘Chordblossom Clubnight’. We are open to absolutely every genre.

Few Stats:

- On our Messageboard, we have 967 members, who’ve collectively made 8755 posts.
- Our ‘Transmission’ Mixtapes have featured songs from NINETY (90!) Northern Irish bands and musicians. We’ll be continuing our Mixtapes for the foreseeable future.

To everyone that has wholeheartedly embraced us from the get-go - Thank you! We are here to stay.

Happy Christmas!
Daveit Ferris & the entire Chordblossom Team.